Davis is simply beautiful.
Happy Picnic Day Aggies & Visitors!

Have fun, be safe and please oh please HANDLE YOUR SHIT.


promises on a bridge.
uc davis, ca.


There’s a straight up cow milking context going on on campus at the Quad today. The stereotypes are all true…it literally does not get any more Davis than this. 😍🐮🐃🍼🍦

Anonymous: I was put on academic probation, then was subject to dismissal for fall and winter quarter for lots of the reasons mentioned by the other anon. The adviser I talked to was helpful and really made me feel like they want you to succeed and helped alleviate a lot of the stress I had about everything. I'm back at Davis this quarter on a contract, but you really have to dig yourself deep to get kicked out.

I’m glad to hear that you are back. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous: what are some of the a cappella groups on campus? who are the good ones? i'm looking to join.

Take a look at this page under “Other Musical Groups”

  • Liquid Hotplates
  • Lounge Lizards
  • The Afterglow
  • The Spokes

I’ve seen The Spokes perform. And they were so good. ♡_

Anonymous: I was up for academic dismissal a year ago due to a variety of personal issues and just not putting any effort into school. I feel like they want to and will give you a second chance, as long as your track record isn't terrible.

Thanks for your input!

Anonymous: Is it possible to fail out of Davis? Well, I know it's possible, seeing as my cousin just flunked out. But how often does this happen? I haven't heard of this happening before. Have you?

Yeah, it’s possible. And I’ve seen it happen before. As far as full-out flunking, I don’t think it happens often. At least, not in my experience here.

If you are getting bad grades, your GPA drops. If your GPA drops below a 2.000, you are put on academic probation. This is usually when people’s ears perk up like: “hey, maybe I should party a little less, and study a little more.” or “hey, maybe I should study harder and take better notes, and join a study group” or “hey, maybe this major/this course is not for me.” 

The reason you got into this school is because you have the potential to succeed. But hey, shit happens. You got stuff going on in your life, and grades slip sometimes. 

Anonymous: Hi! I'm an incoming freshman at Davis. I'm visiting the campus on Picnic Day, and I was wondering-- What exactly should I do? Are there certain events or activities that would be helpful for incoming students? I've already visited twice, but I'd like to get to know the campus/town better!

Here’s a schedule of events for Picnic Day 2014

Picnic Day is not really geared to helping incoming students figure out what’s what. Most people who visit are not from Davis or a student, so I would suggest just having fun. There are a lot of student-run clubs and activities participating, so it might be useful to take a look at those and ask questions about which ones you are interested in. This is also a great day to get to know the layout of the campus and where all the halls are located. 

But yeah, go nuts. Have fun with Davis before it sucks your soul out. ^_^


Anonymous: Hi! I'm a second year who didn't get to experience picnic day freshman year and I really wanna go this year unfortunately I don't have any friends to go with and wanted to know if its still enjoyable even if I go alone and if you have any suggestion on fun things to do?

Honestly, last year I did Picnic Day solo for a couple hours and still had a blast! I went to a bunch of booths and animal events. I didn’t get to attend the parade, which I recommend seeing! There are a lot of a hands-on things and shows to go to

  • Doxie Derby
  • Petting Zoo
  • Chem Show
  • Go milk a cow
  • Parade
  • Get yourself a free plant

Lots to see!

Click here to see a 2014 Picnic Day Schedule of Events to make your planning a little easier.

- Bri

domiyyboo: Okay so i have been accepted to UC Davis and i didn't think much of it because my mind was set in ASU to pursue my Nursing degree however, as i started to research UC Davis i'm in love with the campus but i do not know what to major in UC Davis i want to do similar as nursing but i dont know what to choose can you suggest anything?

I would think anything like Biology, NPB (Neurology, Physiology, & Behavior), Clinical Nutrition, heck even Animal Science, will do. (I know a few fellow Animal Scientists that have nursing as an option for them)

Here is a huge list of all the majors offered at Davis. Hope you choose us!