Anonymous: For the history question you got, my boyfriend is a history major at Davis and absolutely loves all of the professors that he has had for his history classes. He says he is learning a lot and Davis is great for history

Awesome! Thanks for the input!

When you get to class with a minute to spare and all the seats are taken except that one in the middle of the lecture hall….


Davis, CA
July 2014

Dutch Bros. Coffee in Davis, CA
4.5 stars on Yelp
$3.75 for this medium-sized blended Kicker. It contains coffee and delicious Irish cream. I’m a big fan of all the blended coffee drinks I’ve tried here (including Annihilator, Caramelizer, and Cocomo). If I could, I would give them 1000000000000000000000 stars for their coffee quality and flavor. The caffeine, however, is a hit or miss, so I’ll either be very awake or ktfo. Nevertheless, Dutch Bros. has always been my friend on those sleepless college exam nights, so I love them.
disregardtheday: To the person with the history question, make sure to take any of the 111 series with Spyridakis! He's my favorite history professor I've had at Davis, no one lectures like he does. All the history profs I've had are chill and really helpful in office hours with papers and any other questions. And the history advisors are helpful too if you have any questions regarding the major.

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Do any future students have any questions about the upcoming school year such as dorm life, social life, classes etc? Feel free to submit any questions or thoughts :3 or if any current students have any advice for incoming students shoot those suggestions this way!


Would you like to major in coffee?
UC Davis students may soon be able to study the science behind the beverage. Coffee is the largest food import in the U.S. and 54% of Americans over 18 consume a cup of coffee EVERY day (…35% of those coffee drinkers like their coffee black).  
People have been drinking coffee since (approximately) the 15th century, but there isn’t a ton of science involved in the industry. “Coffee tends to be a generational industry, and it’s a nonscientific industry right now. You cannot get a four-year degree or a Ph.D. in coffee right now,” Peter Rogers, a coffee roaster, explains.
The recently founded UC Davis Coffee Center —similar to the school’s Institute for Wine and Food Science— is hoping to eventually offer a major in coffee science.  The center is focusing on research topics like: 
Coffee genetics
Sustainability in coffee growing & waste within the production chain
Analyzing coffee composition, structure and function
Coffee as potential prebiotic
Isolating the factors that create flavor
(Image via Chris McVeigh)

Anonymous: Does U.C. Davis have a good history program? Are there any testimonials for current or previous history students?

I took a history class and really enjoyed it. But I can’t say much more than that but I’m sure some of our followers can say some more…? Submit any recommendations about the history program at Davis! Thanks!

The UC Davis tag on Tumblr is now bombarded with random Sorority pictures…

wut is happening?

Trudy’s is the cutest little C store :3
Hammocks on campus :3